Man uses Facebook date as a getaway driver

Baby you can drive my car... at 100mph after I've done over the bookies...
Kerry Butters
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A woman from South Wales found herself in hot water after her Facebook date for the evening forced her to be his getaway driver in a robbery.

Leah Gibbs, 23, met Adam Milton, 21, through Facebook and arranged to go out for a date with him.

But rather than try his luck and ask the mum of two in for a coffee, he preferred a trip to the bookies.

He told Leah that he wanted to stop off at Ladbrokes and she waited in the car whilst he went in.

However, when he emerged, he was wearing a facemask and shouting at her to drive.

According to the Sun, Milton had a knife and bag of cash and forced Leah to go into his home when they arrived there.

The newspaper also reported that Milton had a history of violence and had developed a serious cocaine habit.

Whilst he only made off with £245, the offence was deemed serious enough for Milton to be spending the next four and a half years in prison.

Leah also spent the night in the cells before Milton, the romantic soul, admitted to police that she had nothing to do with the robbery and was just his date for the night.

Leah was reported to describe the evening as a “date from hell” and said: “I’m grateful he told the police I knew nothing of the robbery, but still bitter he involved me”.

It just goes to prove that you can’t believe everything a potential suitor writes on their profile, and it may be wise to check them out a little further before going on a date alone with them.

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