Orange cuts price on home broadband deals

Orange customers can get unlimited broadband and phone line rental for £18 per month

September 5, 2011

Orange has rejigged the pricing on its home broadband packages.

The company is claiming it now has the UK’s lowest “unlimited” broadband deal, with a 12 month plan costing £5 per month with no connection fee and unlimited usage available.

However, there are catches (of course) – you also have to take your phone landline rental with the company, with inclusive off-peak calls coming for £12.75, making the total cost of the package £17.75.

The second catch is that to get the deal, you must be an Orange mobile subscriber. Non-Orange folks will be green with envy, perhaps, as they have to pay £10 more, making the package a not quite so cheap sounding £27.75 per month.

Still, that’s not bad value for money including phone rental, and Orange customers are certainly getting a good deal at the £18 mark. It’s not far off that cost just for a BT phone line rental and off-peak call package.

There are two price plans aside from this basic one, the second deal being another fiver more and offering anytime calls. Then there’s Simply Broadband, which is broadband only for £12.75 per month (again, a tenner more if you’re not an Orange customer).

Orange has also announced that it intends to give customers in rural areas a 15% reduction on its price plans.

Sylvain Thevenot, Director of Marketing & Propositions, Home, at Orange said: “Although financially times are tough, we believe that everyone should have access to the best value deals in the market, irrespective of where they live.”

“That’s why despite other providers raising the price of their overall packages, we’re actually offering the best priced plans we can to our customers right across the nation.


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