LG Dual Play demonstrated on Cinema 3DTVs

LG shows off how 3DTVs can make split-screen gaming a thing of the past
Darren Allan

September 6, 2011
LG Cinema 3DTV

At IFA, LG has been showing off a different aspect of its passive 3DTV sets which could provide another reason for gamers to adopt the new technology.

Dual Play allows two players to partake of a game without any need for split-screen, which let’s face it, is a horrible way to play shooters in particular.

Not only does split-screen squash your view up nastily, but you can glance at your opponent’s half to see where they are, rather ruining the immersion and making it easy for cheats to prosper.

The solution is to have the 3DTV display both players’ point of view simultaneously on the screen, instead of the usual slightly offset image required to create the 3D effect. One player wears a set of glasses with two left eye lenses, and one with right eye lenses.

Each player only sees the full screen image targeted at their lens – not in 3D, of course, just 2D. But it’s a really clever idea that might help sell 3DTVs to legions of console owners.

If you want to see it in action, then check out this footage from LG’s IFA stand, which shows the LG LW980T with Dual Play. You’ll need to purchase a different pair of passive glasses for this to work (obviously the standard glasses are for 3D viewing – the gaming glasses feature two left or right lenses).

Or of course, you can DIY your own pair if you fancy popping some lenses out and rearranging them.

The Dual Play system will work with any of LG’s range of Cinema 3D sets.

LG isn’t the first to experiment with two player simultaneous full screen gaming on a 3DTV, as Sony has already stomped on this turf – albeit with a set using active 3D glasses.

Passive glasses have the advantage of being far lighter and cheaper, of course.


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  1. WittZi says:

    I tried this on my 42LW550T last week (playing Resistance on the PS3) and it works perfectly. I used the botched DIY ‘2 x left and 2 x right’ lens approach and it was epic.

    I still don’t see how this will work with Active 3D though as surely you’re losing frames due to the shutter? Whilst Passive 3D suffers from a lower resolution due to the way it’s implemented the frame rate remains the same.

    Either way I hope this boosts Passive 3D as I hate Active 3D. Also, I think 3D is pretty pony anyway, but having 2 players each play full screen at the same time is a quality use of the technology and one that might take off!

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