Motorola Xoom price chopped down to £313

Xoom gets a big price cut, clearing stock for the launch of the Xoom 2?

September 6, 2011
Motorola Xoom

Like many Android tablets, the Xoom has struggled to make much of an impact in a market dominated by the iPad.

Indeed, in July Motorola decided to cut the price of the slate by a hundred bucks in the States, and bring in an offer in the UK to give customers a free Xoom keyboard and mouse.

At the time, the basic Xoom wi-fi tablet was still at an RRP of £480, although you could buy it for around the £400 mark if you shopped around online.

While the free mouse and keyboard offer expired at the end of August, further price reductions have come through which should make the Motorola tablet more attractive this side of the pond.

Dixons (including Currys and PC World) has lopped the price down considerably to just £329, at which level you’re getting quite a lot for your money. And even better, apparently the code “TABLET5” at checkout on the Currys site will get you another 5% off, for a price of £313.

The equivalent iPad 2 is £479, and at nearly £200 less than that, the Xoom could well find its sales accelerating. No, it’s not the knock-down equivalent that HP’s TouchPad went for, but it certainly seems like very good value for money.

Incidentally, if you’re after the 3G version of the Xoom, that’s £399.

Of course, the Xoom 2 will be around in the near future, with details having been leaked onto the net which allege the slate sequel will have a much higher resolution display, quad-core processor and the Ice Cream Sandwich flavour of Android.

That’s likely a big part of the reason why retailers are attempting to shift stock of the original Xoom now.


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