Vuzix Wrap 1200 3D eyewear launched

Movie specs give you a 75 inch personal cinema screen viewing experience
Darren Allan

September 6, 2011
Vuzix Wrap 1200

Over at IFA Vuzix has announced a new addition to its Wrap “personal entertainment eyewear” range.

The Wrap 1200 is a pair of glasses which can display standard 2D or 3D content which appears to the viewer to be the equivalent of a 75 inch 16:9 screen viewed from ten feet away.

That’s a pretty massive screen to be sat that close too, if indeed the experience is as Vuzix claims.

The Wrap 100 can be hooked up to mobiles and other devices such as the iPod so you can take a cinema with you to enjoy films with on the move. Providing you don’t mind looking a bit of a gonk in public with those specs on.

Vuzix has equipped the device with a “hypoallergenic nosepiece” for maximum comfort, and detachable noise-isolating stereo earphones to enjoy film soundtracks with.

Paul Travers, CEO at Vuzix, commented: “We spent over a year developing the Wrap 1200, ensuring it is one of the most advanced, feature rich video eyewear ever produced.”

“The combination of a 16:9 high resolution widescreen display along with our AccuTilt display angle technology provides our customers with an unmatched mobile viewing experience.”

AccuTilt technology means the Wrap is fully adjustable for the right viewing angle, and the device allows the display to be positioned to match the viewer’s IPD – Interpupillary Distance, or how far apart your eyes are in English – for the best picture.

It fits over a pair of normal glasses (unless you’re posh spice) and has an on-screen display for adjusting brightness, contrast and colour levels to your taste.

In terms of connections, you can hook the Wrap 1200 up to anything with component or composite video inputs, and there’s an optional VGA/DVI adapter for those who want to connect the Wrap to a laptop.

So, drawbacks? Well, it needs two AA batteries to run for three hours, although of course you can use rechargeables or purchase a rechargeable Wrap PowerPak+ (which will give you more juice).

And then there’s the price of £400. Still, it sounds like a pretty neat gadget for mobile movie viewing, and at least given the all-encompassing nature of the specs, and the sound blaring in your ears, you won’t be able to see or hear the gigglers or guffawers around you on the train/bus/plane.

The Wrap 1200 is available now, although apparently it has sold out currently, with more stock expected next week. Order at the Vuzix web store, if you wish.

And that’s a wrap. Well, we had to say it, didn’t we…


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  1. Paul Fredrickson says:


    There’s an alternative on the horizion where you don’t have to look like a “gonk” in public. They look idential to sunglasses when wearing and don’t sit high up on your head looking awkward like the 1200 does.

    Check out for a peek at the future.

    They can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter.

    Paul Fredrickson
    CMO - Nabes

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