New Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer trailer unleashed

Shows off recon and assault drones, amongst a great deal of explosive action
Matthew Turner

September 7, 2011
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

A new trailer showing off the multiplayer facet of the forthcoming Modern Warfare 3 video game has been released by Activision.

The video shows off a couple of new additions to the Call of Duty player’s experience, including new attack features.

One of these displayed in the video is the Recon Drone, a ten point Support Strike Chain that allows the player to get a helicopter UAV that flies around tagging enemies.

Also shown is an Assault Drone, a ten point Assault Strike Chain that allows the user to control a drone dropped from the air that comes equipped with a 50-round Mk46 LMG and a single shot rocket launcher.

This is just one of a few videos Activision has now released that give an insight into how online gaming will work in this year’s Call of Duty.

Also in the CoD world, Microsoft has announced details of an upcoming Modern Warfare 3 styled Xbox 360 console.

Set to be on shelves come November 8th to coincide with the release of the game itself, the console will set you back around £270. UK retailer GAME is currently taking pre-orders for the forthcoming system.


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