Nintendo 3DS: New circle pad to come as an attachment?

Circle pad to be added to the handheld in cradle form, along with extra shoulder buttons
Matthew Turner

September 7, 2011
Nintendo 3DS

New rumours regarding a potential revamping of the 3DS have been circulating the web after Nintendo confirmed a forthcoming press conference.

In the past few weeks, there’s been plenty of speculation about a refreshed 3DS handheld in the pipeline that will contain an extra circle pad on the right hand side.

Rumours also suggested that this ‘new’ 3DS would have a more toned down 3D system put into place after a few complaints about the ill effects the three dimensional system can cause some users.

However, fresh whispers now abound that a new physical console will not be released – rather an add-on attachment.

This new first-party peripheral would come in the form of a cradle the 3DS sits in, making it slightly bigger - and also adding more shoulder buttons.

However, we will have to wait for confirmation at the official 3DS event that Nintendo has arranged just before the Tokyo Game Show.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be a second incarnation of the 3DS coming - that might still happen next year, and would likely add the second circle pad, presumably. Again rather shafting early adopters who have to use a clunky cradle with their device.

Meanwhile, there’s some better news for Nintendo has come in the form of 3DS sales performances in Japan.

Apparently, over 384,000 units were sold in August alone – which makes it the second best selling month that the 3DS has had over there, only behind March which was the system’s first full month on sale.

Back then, over 430,000 units were sold before the numbers dropped significantly, prompting Nintendo to implement a major price drop last month.


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