Philips Cinema 21:9 LED TVs get a refresh

Platinum and Gold versions with improved 3D and smart TV connectivity

September 7, 2011
Philips Cinema 219

At IFA, Philips has taken the wraps off new Cinema 21:9 Platinum and Gold LED TVs. Enhanced 3D capabilities are promised, along with smart TV connectivity and multi-view.

If you’re not familiar with this range of televisions, they’re striking models which boast a super-widescreen 21:9 display format for a truly cinematic experience when it comes to watching films.

The new Cinema 21:9 Platinum is apparently the “fastest LED ever” according to the company, with a 1200Hz “perfect motion rate” and 0.5ms response time. LED Pro and Ambilight Spectra 3 technology help to ensure crystal clear as well as smooth viewing.

The Platinum version is also equipped with new 3D Max technology, which offers full HD resolution 3D with a claimed 180 degree viewing angle using active 3D glasses.

Perfect Natural Motion also means the processing power of this set has doubled to two billion pixels per second, which apparently ensures “razor-sharp and perfectly fluent motion in 3D”.

The Gold version of the Cinema 21:9 features Easy 3D, which offers a “comfortable 3D viewing experience with sharp images and low crosstalk” using passive glasses.

Philips has also seen fit to introduce 2D to 3D conversion, so your entire old movie collection can have an extra dimension breathed into it.

Smart TV capabilities are now on board both sets, with Net TV, an interactive online platform for programs and apps, plus wi-fi support so you can stream music or video from your tablet or other mobile device.

A multi-view function has been introduced, which is even more useful on a screen with this width, allowing you to watch a show while using Net TV side-by-side.

Full screen two player gaming, as seen in LG’s Dual Play sets, is also possible with the Easy 3D mode. Both players get to see the entire screen from their own point of view using the 3D technology to display two separate 2D images (with one player wearing two left lenses in their “3D gaming kit” glasses, and the other two right lenses).

The Gold model is a 50 inch set and the Platinum a 58 incher. They should be out soon, with prices still to be confirmed, but the Gold Cinema TV is likely to be around two grand, and the more expensive Platinum will probably run to about four grand.


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