PS Vita game titles leaked?

Some 40 games on a leaked list which Sony has yet to confirm
Matthew Turner

September 7, 2011
PlayStation Vita

A Japanese magazine has printed images of unconfirmed PS Vita video game titles that are expected to be announced at the Tokyo Game Show.

In total Famitsu has printed the names of 40 different titles they have discovered that Sony has, so far, made no mention of.

These games include Lumines: Electronic Symphony, Rayman Origins, Michael Jackson The Experience HD, Dark Quest, Dream Club Zero Portable, Ragnorak Odyssey, Sumioni and Moe Moe Daisensou.

However, even if proven to be true these games will not see the light of day in the US or Europe until early next year at the soonest.

The PS Vita will become available in Japan before the end of 2011 but those outside the country will have to wait for a later release date.

Meanwhile, Sony has stated that the recent pricing of the handheld console had not been impacted by the price drop of the Nintendo 3DS.

Shuhei Yoshida of Sony told a magazine that $249 or €249 had always been the target price point they were aiming for.

The Vita is expected to be released with a superior feature list to the 3DS, but will still be hitting the shelves at the same price as the 3DS originally was.

Whether it’ll move at a £200 plus price point, we shall have to see, but the 3DS certainly didn’t. And in fact needed halving before sales started to motor.


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