Brits lose sleep over social media addictions

Facebook and Twitter rob Brits of precious hours of sleep

September 8, 2011

Whether it’s finding out about Beyonce’s pregnancy, or hearing about the latest foray into the work of Nietzsche by former footballing thug Joey Barton, it seems that Brits are losing sleep with social media addictions.

Research has found that rather than heading off to the land of nod sites such as Twitter and Facebook are keeping the UK awake.

Apparently the average Brit loses about around 35 night’s worth of sleep a year, or over five hours kip per week.

96 percent of those asked in a MyVoucherCodes poll said that they used social sites every day, with 67 percent claiming that they lost sleep because of their social media profiles.

Almost all of them admitted to being distracted by social media before going to bed, with an average of 46 minutes tweeting or checking out Facebook profiles before bed.

This means that overall the average Brit loses 279 hours worth of sleep a year, using eight hour’s of shut eye as a guide – which of course no one actually gets anyway.

Facebook unsurprisingly came top of the sleep disturbers, with Twitter second place, and Bebo in third.

And upon waking, it seems there is no respite. 42 percent of those polled said that the first thing they did in the morning was to log straight back in to their social media accounts.


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