Nintendo sued over Wii remote - again

ThinkOptic reckons that the company copied its handheld device pointing system
Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner -


Video game giant Nintendo is once again being sued for infringing on a patent filed in relation to its Nintendo Wii console.

A technology company, ThinkOptic, has accused the Japanese firm of distributing the Wii console whilst knowing that it was infringing on their patent.

The patent itself describes an “electronic equipment for handheld vision based absolute pointing system”.

Also included in the lawsuit is mention of two other patents, one of those being a “handheld device for handheld vision based absolute pointing system”, but they all amount to much the same thing.

ThinkOptic claims that Nintendo knew it was in the wrong when the company first released the Wii, or at least that they should have done.

TO has also stated in the case that, with the above information in mind, the forthcoming Nintendo console the Wii U will also be infringing on their patent.

Nintendo is no stranger to lawsuits, as over the years the firm has been frequently sued by a number of companies and individuals for a variety of reasons.

The motion sensing Wii remote has primarily been at the focus of these filings, but other Nintendo properties, such as the Wii Fit, have also been at the centre of controversy.

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