Nintendo Wii U in “development hell”?

Things not going well, and worrying speculation about the hardware being rushed
Matthew Turner
Nintendo Wii U

A Nintendo insider has reportedly claimed that the forthcoming Nintendo Wii U console is going through “development hell.”

The man on the inside has apparently spoken to 01net, who have previously been very reliable when it comes to Nintendo leaks.

In the report, he speaks of a number of ongoing problems with the Nintendo Wii U console and even claims that the final hardware is being “rushed out the door.”

One of the problems is that the new controllers being supplied to developers still don’t work properly, which could be a major concern considering these controllers – which have a 6 inch touchscreen – are being marketed as a major feature in the console.

The rushing of the console is apparently having “undesirable consequences” on its functionality, with another problem being inadequate streaming and wireless aspects, which the report claims do not work at all.

It has been expected that the Nintendo Wii U will be arriving at some point next year, with this particular report claiming that the company is hoping for a June release in 2012.

However, if these reports are to be believed (this is the same website that brought news of a second 3DS circle pad), then that date could be pushed back to avoid risk.

Nintendo better get this one right, as with the muddle the company has made of the 3DS launch, another “fail” at the starting gun could prove to be a dangerous mistake to make.

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