Samsung Windows 8 tablet to be announced next week?

Rumour has it that the first Windows 8 tablet will be shown off at MS's Build conference
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The tablet world seems pretty much like a never-ending whirl of Android Honeycomb devices, although there are alternative operating systems to the iPad out there.

Just not that many of them compared to the weight of Google’s lumbering behemoth, to which Amazon is set to add plentiful numbers to this autumn.

However, Samsung’s next slate is set to be something a little different. If the rumours are to be believed, Sammy will be the first company to take the wraps off a Windows 8 tablet.

And this will happen next week, according to a report on the Inquirer, which in turn got the info from the Korea Economic Daily.

The Korea Economic Daily’s source said that: “This new product manufactured by Samsung will be the company’s first collaboration with Microsoft in its hardware devices.”

The Windows 8 tablet will be unveiled at Microsoft’s Build developers’ conference, which begins on Tuesday next week.

However, the device won’t be out any time soon. Windows 8 isn’t expected to be unleashed until next year, so this will be a beta version of the software.

Windows 8 is set to run on both desktops and touchscreen devices, tying both worlds together in one neat package, and likely making those who have an all-in-one PC which can be operated via a touchscreen quite pleased.

For its part, Samsung may be eyeing Windows 8 as a less controversial avenue for its slates than Android, which is currently taking a legal battering from Apple.

Sammy was forced to pull its new 7.7 inch Android-powered Galaxy Tab from the IFA show which finished yesterday, after a German court ruled in favour of Apple and blocked the device.

Google, however, is looking as if it’s ready to fire back at Apple, having sold HTC strategic patents from its new armoury to help in the tit-for-tat lawsuit battle against the Cupertino company.

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