Android Ice Cream Sandwich due in next two months

Eric Schmidt lets slip news of an October or November release for the unifying sandwich
Darren Allan
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Android Ice Cream Sandwich

You’ll soon be able to bite into an Ice Cream Sandwich.

It might not sound like the ideal winter snack, but as the weather turns colder, we can expect the next version of Android, number 4.0, to show up in the next two months.

In a recent interview at a cloud computing conference in the US, Eric Schmidt casually dropped the release date into the conversation.

Schmidt said: “We have a new operating system – internally known as Ice Cream Sandwich for some reason – which is being released in October or November, which everybody is very excited about.”

So there you have it – the Ice Cream delight could be with us as soon as next month.

Ice Cream Sandwich’s philosophy is to unite the two strands of Android – Gingerbread and Honeycomb – which have been created since tablets popped into existence.

The latter, Honeycomb, was specifically designed for slates, whereas smartphones were left on Gingerbread. Ice Cream Sandwich will be deployed on both types of device, avoiding further fragmentation of the Android OS.

Features of Android 4.0 haven’t been detailed by Google yet, but one certainty is a new interface (and colour scheme) which we’ve seen via leaked shots.

The new OS will almost certainly be first seen on Google’s next handset, the Nexus Prime.

Schmidt was also questioned about Apple’s phenomenal success with the iPad, iPhone and the company’s upward spiralling profits, and he cleverly credited Steve Jobs with the “best performance of a CEO in the world in fifty years, maybe in a hundred”.

Which on the face of it is high praise, but also puts the emphasis of the company’s success firmly on Jobs. Who of course has now vacated the CEO position to be replaced by Tim Cook, the inference being, can Apple continue to be as successful without Jobs at the helm?

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