iPhone joins iPad in providing highest level of customer satisfation

Survey shows consumers like touchscreens and lightweight, sleek phones
Kerry Butters

September 9, 2011

The iPhone has been voted top in a customer satisfaction survey carried out by J. D. Power and associates.

This places Apple at the top for both smartphones and tablet devices this month, as the iPad was recently voted top as rival companies failed to “impress the masses”.

However, Samsung was voted top manufacturer for traditional mobile phones.

Satisfaction with mobile devices depends on their design and weight, with heavier, clunky phones appearing lower on the list than their lighter counterparts.

Features were also important, as was usability. Consumers are much more likely to be happy with a phone that has a touchscreen as opposed to those that use qwerty or have a combination of both.

Screen quality and size was also an important factor for many users and good quality cameras also topped the list, although there wasn’t much difference in the satisfaction expressed on phones that have between 5 and 8 megapixels.

“It’s not unexpected that satisfaction is higher for devices that have new technological advances or features,” said Kirk Parsons, senior director of wireless services at J.D. Power and Associates.

“Having the right combination of physical dimensions and operating functions and features for both smartphones and traditionally equipped devices is key to creating an exceptional ownership experience with each type of wireless device.”

The most important features in a traditional phone are, in order: “Performance (31%); ease of operation (24%); physical design (24%); and features (20%). For smartphones, the key factors are: performance (35%); ease of operation (24%); features (21%); and physical design (20%).”

Apple has topped the survey for the sixth consecutive time, followed by HTC and Samsung.

The survey also found that smartphone prices continue to fall and that more than two-thirds of owners have downloaded apps onto their device.

More than half of the owners surveyed said that they use their phone to download entertainment, travel, weather and map applications.

It was also found that owners of 4G capable devices expressed a high level of satisfaction and also tended to use their phones more frequently in terms of calls, internet usage and text.

Samsung Galaxy S3

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