New 3D smartTV from LG coming soon

New 3D smartTV from LG coming soon
Leanne Yip

September 9, 2011

This LG LW980T will be available with a 47 or 55-inch screen. The latest high end TV models are now coming with a huge number of extra features and the LG LW980T SmartTV is no exception.

Not only is this packed with extra features it is extremely thin. The reason why it’s only 27.5mm thick is because it uses Nano Full LED technology which makes the display bright and crisp. In addition the screen has been made so there are good wide viewing angles, to ensure there’s a quality picture for everyone watching.

Included in the television package are 7 pairs of 3D glasses, so you wouldn’t have to fork out more cash for extra glasses as I think 7 is definitely plenty for most folks. These glasses are lightweight so shouldn’t be uncomfortable to wear.

Furthermore you don’t need to pay extra for some 3D content as LG offers 2D to 3D conversion, so you can enjoy existing movies in 3D, at least to some extent given that this isn’t quite the same as true 3D content.

Now for a quick run-down of features: firstly, the LG LW980T has integrated Wi-Fi, 2 usb and 4 HDMI ports. There are currently 175 SmartTV apps which contains apps such as Youtube, iPlayer, Facebook and Twitter. The device comes with a Magic Motion remote which works like a Wii remote; therefore navigating around menus should be quick and easy.

Being a high end quality 3D TV there most probably will be a hefty price tag, we shall wait and see.


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