Nintendo reveals Mario game release dates

Info also spilled on Mario Kart 3DS first-person mode and gyroscope controls
Matthew Turner

September 13, 2011
Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has released a new wave of information regarding its Mario franchise, and the fan favourite’s presence on the 3DS.

First up, Mario Kart 7 – a racing game featuring several well known Mario world characters – has been pencilled in for a December 2nd release in Europe.

One of the details announced by Nintendo, during the Nintendo 3DS Conference yesterday, was the ability to play in first person mode.

Players will be able to steer their character’s vehicle using the 3DS gyroscope.

This is one of the bigger changes to be made throughout the Mario Kart series, with play previously only being available in a third person view.

Also revealed was the ability to automatically exchange player ‘ghost data’ with nearby 3DS systems, which allows for racing competitions between different consoles.

Two new characters will also be making an appearance in the game. There’s Metal Mario, who is best described as a tinman version of the plumber, and Lakitu, usually seen in Mario games hovering around on a cloud trying to frustrate the gamer as much as possible with some form of weapon.

Meanwhile, November 18th is the date scheduled for the release of Super Mario 3D Land – and Nintendo has presented a new trailer for the game.

Finally, the third game discussed at the conference was a previously unannounced Mario Tennis title. A few screenshots have been revealed but further information isn’t expected until closer to its release date, sometime in 2012.


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