Super Pokemon Rumble coming to 3DS

Rumbling from the Wii to 3DS to boost sales
Leanne Yip

September 14, 2011

Pokemon Rumble will be exclusive to 3DS owners and is set to be released in Europe early this December.

Super Pokemon Rumble is the sequel to the WiiWare game Pokemon Rumble. The 3DS game has evolved in so many ways but has still kept its core game play.

Unlike the older versions of Pokemon games, such as Pokemon Black and White which focused on hunting for Pokemon and training them up for battles, Pokemon Rumble is centred upon battles between Toy Pokemon.

There are 600 varieties of Toy Pokemons to collect. The toy Pokemon you have collected can battle many Toy Pokemon at once, in real-time battles. To up the excitement there are also face offs against giant Boss Pokemon.

In addition Pokemon Rumble utilises the 3DS’ wireless connectivity for the cooperative play mode, in which you and your friends can play and battle together.

Moreover it supports Nintendo’s StreetPass, which allows you to connect to wireless hotspots that will increase the chances of you coming across rare mythical and legendary Pokemon.

The release of Pokemon Rumble in December will definitely entice some younger consumers into nagging their parents into buying not only the 3DS, but also the game itself, for a Christmas present.

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