HTC Sensation XE announced with Beats Audio

Comes with a pair of Beats Dr Dre headphones and tailored music settings

September 15, 2011

HTC has announced a new version of the Sensation Android smartphone which should appeal to those who take their mobile music seriously.

The Sensation XE comes with Beats Audio technology to deliver “studio quality” sound, and is also bundled with exclusive Beats by Dr Dre in-ear headphones.

Indeed, the handset has a bespoke Dr Dre sound profile which matches the headphones’ audio properties to ensure that music is delivered with the optimum settings, straight into the Sensation owner’s lughole.

HTC boasts: “Whether you are using any of the many music services available in the Android market you will notice fuller bass and crisper vocals and a new level of clarity and range offering audio the way the artist intended it to be heard.”

Sonic tweaking isn’t the only fresh introduction for the XE version of the Sensation, though, with HTC also beefing up the processor and battery.

A 1.5GHz processor is now in place, upgraded from the previous 1.2GHz model. Normally that would reduce battery life, but HTC has tackled that issue with a new battery to give the handset more longevity away from the mains, too.

The downside? The Sensation XE will cost more than the vanilla version, not surprising when you consider the bundled headphones are the best part of a hundred quid alone.

Whereas the original Sensation can now be had for around the £400, the XE will be close to £500.

HTC has the phone pegged for release at the end of this month in Europe, although UK retailers seem to believe that stock will be arriving in the first week in October.


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