Nintendo 3DS circle pad attachment receives Activision backing

Activision's Hirshberg feels attachment is relevant, but didn't announce plans for any upcoming titles to use it
Matthew Turner

September 15, 2011
Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has received the backing of Activision with regard to its controversial decision to introduce a new circle pad to the 3DS console.

The addition, which comes in the form of a cradle the handheld will sit in, will suit a lot of developers when it comes to making games for the 3DS, such as Monster Hunter 3G, Resident Evil Revelations and Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D.

Eric Hirshberg, publishing CEO of Activision, has praised the move as he feels the hardware now becomes more “relevant and compatible” to the type of games published by Activision.

However, he stated that he has nothing to announce relating to plans for releases that would make use of the second circle pad attachment, located on the right hand side of the 3DS.

In other Nintendo news, head of the company Satoru Iwata has dismissed the possibility that Nintendo could turn its attention to mobile gaming development.

A number of analysts have predicted that Nintendo will need to move into the smartphone market in order to keep up with competitors.

But Mr Iwata said that “this is absolutely not under consideration.”

“If we did this, Nintendo would cease to be Nintendo. Having a hardware development team in-house is a major strength. It’s the duty of management to make use of those strengths.”


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  1. Nintendo 3DS says:

    Why didn’t they think a second analogue stick would be a good addition in the first place ? Well I guess the next version of the Nintendo 3DS will have it by default.

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