Kids of 6-12 all want laptops or iPads this Christmas

All I want for Christmas is an iPad, a laptop, an MP3 player, a new smartphone, some Nikes and Lego
Kerry Butters

September 16, 2011
iPad 2

A new survey by Shopzilla has revealed the news that kids between the ages of 6-12 want electronic gifts this Christmas.

The poll showed that children asked for laptops, digital cameras and game consoles, iPods and iPhones.

Kids expect to have an average of £167 spent on them during the festive season, and boys expect more expensive gifts than girls. Boys surveyed said they expected their parents to spend around £183, whilst girls said £155.

Although the results of the survey are not really surprising, it’s clear that kids are becoming interested in electronics at an earlier age.

The survey also showed that 14% of the children said that they no longer play with the gift they wanted last year and 12% couldn’t even remember what they received.

Neil McCarthy, Sales and Marketing Director at Shopzilla said: “The sheer newness of a must-have item is what attracts many of these young shoppers.”

“It’s not just about getting the right item, it often has to be a certain colour and a particular model. Retailers who anticipate these trends and are able to meet demand will be able to tap into the tech-savvy young market.”

Both boys and girls put a laptop or tablet at the top of their wish list, whilst boys chose an electronic pet second and girls a digital camera.

However, although the top ten most desired gift list was mostly populated with electronics, both sexes also chose Lego, boys at number 7 and girls at number 9.

Girls also chose a real pet, with furry friends coming in at number 6 on their list.

Shopzilla surveyed a thousand British kids in total.

The news won’t be welcomed by many cash-strapped parents in the current economic climate.


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