Oversleep a lot? There’s an iPhone app for that, Wake n Shake

Forget the Shake n Vac, do the Wake n Shake with a new iPhone alarm
Kerry Butters

September 16, 2011

A new app has been developed for the iPhone that turns the device into an “unmerciful alarm clock”.

Wake n Shake can only be turned off by shaking it vigorously until the “shake monitor” has been filled up.

This means no more hitting the snooze button and getting ‘just another 5 minutes’ as the app doesn’t feature any such button.

The makers claim that “Wake n Shake will wake you up feeling energetic, ready to make the most out of your day”.

Either that or it will result in a broken device as you launch it across the room in sleepy frustration.

There is also a quick nap function which can be set at intervals of 15 minutes up to an hour, or custom set, to enable you to wake up from power naps.

There are various intensity settings for the app, and if you should stop shaking whilst your eyes slowly start to droop again, then you lose all progress and have to start again.

The app features 24 different alarm sounds including a “grizzly bear mauling someone”, the slightly scary-sounding “Latin Lover”, a “robot asking for French toast and more. The developers say that the alarm sounds on this are the “craziest [...] you’ll ever hear in an alarm app”.

It also features “Alarmi”, a kind of virtual pet in the shape of a clock who dances, puts on shades and “even falls asleep when you do”.

Hopefully then there’s also some kind of function for torturing him on the bus to work to mentally avenge yourself.

Judging by the demo featured on the site for this app, it seems that it requires a good amount of vigorous shaking in order to turn the alarm off, something I’m sure I couldn’t sleep through.

The app is now available through the app store and is ideal for those who love their snooze button just a little too much. There is a free version as well as a pro version priced at $0.99.

In fact, the maker, Pedro Alejandro Wunderlich, told Mashable he decided to develop such an app after once hitting snooze for an hour and a half as a student.

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