PlayStation Vita to be region free

European gamers could be playing with an imported Sony handheld at Christmas after all...
Matthew Turner

September 19, 2011
PlayStation Vita

Sony has confirmed that the forthcoming PS Vita system will be region free, meaning gamers outside Japan could get their hands on one sooner than expected.

Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Computer Entertainment’s President of Worldwide Studios, confirmed the news via Twitter.

He was asked by a follower if the Vita would be unlocked across regions or not, and responded “yes it is.”

What this means is that those based in Europe and North America could, theoretically, import a Japanese PS Vita when it is released in December – whilst being able to play games bought outside of Japan.

This could prove to be a popular choice for the more hardcore handheld fans considering a release date for regions outside of Japan is yet to be announced by Sony.

It also means that you can buy games exclusive to Japan and have them work on your EU or North American consoles.

In other Sony news, the company has announced that it will be releasing a PlayStation Suite SDK (software development kit) this November.

This will make it easier for developers of video games and applications, as it will allow them to create products that work across all PlayStation platforms.

This will include the PS Vita, but also the less popular platforms such as the Xperia Play phone.


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