Amazon App Store now live in UK?

More secure Android Market alternative finally rolls out globally, apparently
Darren Allan

September 20, 2011
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The Amazon App Store certainly isn’t news to anyone, having been open for quite some time now.

Following a trademark wrangle with Apple (quel surprise) it launched in the States back in the spring. But instead of rolling out elsewhere in the globe in short order, the rest of the world has been left hanging for the retail giant’s Android app library.

That left a number of UK customers angry after the launch, because you could download and install the App Store application on your phone, only to be told that you couldn’t use it afterwards as it was locked outside the US.

People were also pretty miffed that they couldn’t get their free copy of Angry Birds Rio – which was the launch offer.

But now it seems that the App Store has finally been opened up to the world outside of America. Reports have filtered in, firstly of Australian and Indian folks getting access, and now European, more specifically those in the Netherlands and UK.

So now might be the time to get the App Store up and running, and get downloading. We’ll let you know when we have official confirmation of this fact.

Presumably even if it isn’t officially live today, Amazon is live testing or suchlike, and the App Store will be live shortly.

That makes sense, as Amazon would really need the store in place before it launches its much rumoured Android tablet – which could be due to emerge next month.

It’ll also be good news for Fusion Garage, whose Grid tablet uses the Amazon App Store instead of the Android Market with its OS.

Amazon has to approve apps on its marketplace, much like Apple, which makes it a more secure place in terms of malware than Android Market with its open door policy.


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