Brain scan app launched

Brain scan app for EEG launched for health monitoring

September 20, 2011

A novel and completely portable brain scanning apparatus has been created by Jakob Eg Larsen and his team at the Technical University of Denmark in Kongens Lyngby.

Monitoring your neural signals while on the train or having your morning coffee may seem a tad pointless, however, the team hope that the portable EEG system will allow sufferers of conditions such as: epilepsy and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder to need fewer hospital visits, much in the same way portable heart monitors do.

The system works by the using phone handset provides the power to a commercially available EEG headset. By firing up the app and wearing the headset you are able to see a simplified 3D model of your brain which will light up in the areas that brainwaves are detected.

The model is fully interactive via the touch screen, and in addition is able to use the phones inbuilt data connection to remotely connect to more powerful hardware if needed.

The hope for this software is it will allow medics and researchers to study peoples neural signals in more natural environments and hopefully lead to a greater understanding of the brain.

Current limitations of the app mean that the collected data is not yet comparable to that collected in a dedicated medical EEG lab, as the app does not compete (obviously) in power to the sophisticated simulation and data-processing equipment present in such facilities. It is however a step in the right direction for the next generation studies of the brain.

Watch a video of the app in action here.


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