One For All Easy & Robust 2-in-1 remote control launched

One hardy and user friendly remote to rule both your set-top box and TV with
Adam Smith
Adam Smith -

One For All has just pushed out a new two-in-one remote control onto the market.

As the name suggests, the device is designed to be user friendly, providing a remote for both your set-top box and TV.

Apparently the Easy & Robust comes pre-programmed with the top ten TV and set-top box brands in the UK, and setting it up is as simple as two button presses if your equipment falls into this category.

Even if it doesn’t, an auto-search function won’t take much longer to sift through all the brands in the device’s memory until it finds the correct model for your TV and box. There’s no need to go delving into booklets attempting to find codes.

The remote is also easy to use because it’s equipped with just a relatively small number of large buttons.

Basic controls are included for the volume, channel switching and all the usual stuff you would expect, such as an EPG button and coloured buttons for navigating it.

The remote also benefits from a copy function, so you can copy any key from your original remotes directly onto One For All’s device.

The company boasts of the design: “Ergonomically shaped, the Easy & Robust has a sturdy look and feel with rubber protection seamlessly integrated into the design. So no worries about dropping it on the kitchen floor or giving it to the kids!”

One For All’s remote also benefits from a budget price tag, with the Easy & Robust 2-in-1 being available at Argos, both in store and online, for the price of £14.99.

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