Samsung Windows 8 developer tablets appear on eBay

No sooner has MS given away 5000 prototypes, they're appearing online for sale
Darren Allan

September 20, 2011
Samsung Logo

It’s a predictable development, really, but remember those Samsung Windows 8 tablets which appeared at Microsoft’s Build developer conference?

A couple of weeks ago, we heard the buzz that Sammy would be revealing the first Windows 8 tablet device at Build. But it wasn’t just revealed, in fact the pre-release slates were given away. Around 5,000 of them.

The idea being that devs could then take the tablet away and begin working on their Windows 8 apps right now.

However, some less scrupulous developers have decided to take a different approach, and plumped to make some short term money instead. Yes, the Samsung Windows 8 slates have appeared on eBay over in the US.

And they’re going for quite some dosh. A couple of the tablets which are currently up for auction have reached just over the $2,000 mark in the bidding, with a few days still to go. Another sold late last night for $2,700.

The tablets are well specced (Core i5 CPUs, 64GB SSD), and come with a full package of extras including a bluetooth keyboard, docking station, and a year’s free data via AT&T to the tune of 2GB per month.

It’s no wonder they’re tempting some folks. Still, we can only hope Microsoft can identify those flogging the slates and cross them off the MS Christmas card list.

The developers in question didn’t get the tablets completely for free – they did have to pay to attend Build. We’ve no idea how much it costs, but we’re guessing they’re making a profit by flogging off the Samsung slates.


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