1 in 10 kids under ten own an iPhone

And a collection of other scary statistics relating to youngsters online
Kerry Butters

September 21, 2011

A new survey has revealed that one in ten kids in the UK under the age of ten owns an iPhone.

Westcoastcloud, a supplier of cloud-based security services, commissioned the survey in order to coincide with the release of its iPad app for schools.

They also found that one in ten parents think it’s perfectly fine for kids as young as four to own a mobile.

The study was carried out on 2000 parents who have children aged 10 and under, and was intended to find out how much kids rely on technology.

17% of parents bought a phone for their kids after they were nagged into getting one by the little blighters.

68% said it was because they wanted to keep tabs on their children, and many feel it’s fine to buy smartphones at the age of ten.

The poll showed that one in twenty kids of primary school age also have an iPad.

It was also revealed that one in ten primary children have a social networking account and a quarter of them have their own email address.

Bill Strain, director of Westcoastcloud, said: “It’s great that youngsters are interested and engaged with the latest technology, but children owning their own phones as young as four does seem unnecessary.”

“Kids will always be able to gain access to their parents’ phones and laptops but when primary school age children gain access to the internet on these devices, parents need to be aware. There’s the potential that they could access unsuitable or potentially harmful content.”

A third of the kids whose parents participated in the survey used their parent’s devices to access the internet for email, social networking and Youtube.

Will Gardner, CEO of Childnet International the children’s internet charity commented: “With children of a younger and younger age accessing technology, even owning technology, it is all the more important that we are equipping them to navigate these technologies safely.”

88% of parents pay their kid’s bill for them, not surprising considering they aren’t old enough to get a job until they’re 14 years old.

Two-thirds of these topped up monthly on a pay-as-you-go plan.

Three-quarters top-up about £10 per month but one in five said their kids use £20 worth of credit per month.

Half of the parents surveyed said that they themselves own an iPhone or smartphone and 72% own a laptop or tablet.

The survey also found that “a large percentage of kids under ten can make calls” and text and one in 20 can send an email.

More than one in twenty parents said their kids can use their devices better than they can, and they don’t check-up on what they are doing.

Almost half of the parents said that they have no parental controls installed, even though 5% of these said they leave their kids to play online when they are out. (Yes, we are still talking about under ten’s here).

Many parents said that they were pleased that their kids are computer literate and a third admitted that the kids would be “lost without technology” and that days out and sports don’t interest them.

“If parents are happy for their children to be using these products they need to understand that the internet is not a private place. Filtering products are available that can help parents keep their children safe online,” Bill Strain added.

“Westcoastcloud has just released its internet security product Netintelligence as an App on iTunes for use in schools and will be releasing a home-use version later this year.”


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