Apple iPhone 5 to be revealed on October 4th

Tim Cook gets to take to the stage and follow in Jobs's footsteps

September 21, 2011

The latest piece of speculation regarding Apple’s next-gen smartphone is that it will be unveiled very shortly – within the next two weeks, in fact.

According to sources in the know who have spoken to All Things Digital – a site which is usually on the money – there’s going to be an Apple event on October 4th.

Tim Cook will take to the stage for the first time as CEO, having taken the reins from Steve Jobs, and unveil the iPhone 5.

The actual launch of the smartphone will follow a few weeks later, which would tally with the date we’ve previously reported as the likely release window, October 21st. Some other sources seem to be thinking the week before that, but we’ll stick with that date.

All eyes will certainly be on Cook to see how he performs in his first big event in the spotlight, the pressure being on because of Jobs’s legendary presentation skills when it came to the unveiling of new products.

Rumour has it that it won’t just be the iPhone 5 that’ll be unveiled. There may also be an iPhone 4S revealed, sold more cheaply than the iPhone 5 to help attack the more budget conscious market where Android currently dominates.

The iPhone 5 is expected to have a redesigned body which is slimmer and has sloped edges, with an aluminium instead of glass back. It’ll also have a faster processor, improved camera and doubtless other tweaks.

All that is speculation still, of course, Apple having kept a fairly tight lid on the launch as ever. Still, only two weeks to go to find out now.


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