PlayStation Vita multiplayer to be compatible with PSP

Sony looks to be aiming for maximum flexibility with its upcoming handheld
Matthew Turner

September 21, 2011
PlayStation Vita

Sony’s forthcoming handheld console, the PlayStation Vita, is set to be multiplayer compatible with its predecessor the PSP.

This means that if a PS Vita owner was to download a PSP video game title via the PlayStation Network, they could play that game in multiplayer mode with someone who owns a PSP.

The news comes from a Japanese Sony website, of which CVG reports that the best translation is: “The PS Vita, can be downloaded from PlayStation Store and play even PSP Game.”

“Enjoy your favourite game with bright graphics, 5 inches clear of the organic EL display.”

“If you install the same game on PSP and PS Vita for example, communication can play in ad hoc mode beyond the wall hard! Wider range of play.”

The news follows Sony’s previous announcements that appear to make accessibility to their products a priority, including the fact that the PS Vita will be region-free.

The company is also releasing a software development kit named the PlayStation Suite, which will make it easier for developers to create cross platform software.

The PS Vita will be released in Japan before Christmas but is still yet to receive an official release date for other regions.

However, due to the aforementioned region-free nature, particularly keen handheld gamers may be planning to import one before Xmas.


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