TalkTalk most complained about provider, Virgin the least

Although at least complaint levels are falling now, with errant billing being addressed
Kerry Butters

September 22, 2011
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Ofcom has published its latest data regarding complaints about telecommunication companies for the months April to June 2011.

TalkTalk is the most complained about provider in both fixed telephone line and broadband, although the regulator says that they have noted an improvement on figures from the last quarter.

Virgin Media was the least complained about in the same area. Ofcom receive around 350 complaints per day relating to all providers.

The figures also only reflect those people who have complained to Ofcom and not those who may have merely complained to the provider’s customer service.

The report deals with complaints about fixed line telephone services, broadband and mobile providers. When a customer is complaining about a bundled service, Ofcom applies it to whichever service it is registered against, or all, depending on the circumstances.

The data is also only concerned with the biggest service providers in the UK, or those with a minimum 4% share of the market.

In this case, the companies are: TalkTalk, BT, BSkyB, Virgin Media and Orange Home for telephony and broadband.

For mobile providers the companies are: Orange, 3UK, O2, Virgin Mobile, T Mobile and Vodafone.

In telephony, the number of complaints received about TalkTalk was significantly higher than any of the other providers. However, the regulator says that the number of complaints about the company continues to fall following the instruction against them to stop issuing bills for services people hadn’t paid for.

Virgin Media received a much lower level of complaints, whilst the other three providers all received around the same.

The picture is much the same for broadband services, again with TalkTalk faring the worst and Virgin the best. Orange and BT had a similar number whilst BSkyB came in just behind Virgin.

Complaints about mobile providers tended to be lower than those above but 3UK came out worst in this, with complaints usually regarding disputed charges or customer services.

O2 fared the best with a significantly lower amount of complaints, whilst Orange came in second with T Mobile, Vodafone and Virgin just behind them.

The way that Ofcom deals with the data it publishes is proportional to the provider’s customer base in order to give a clearer picture to consumers.

Figures for mobile providers also include both contract customers and pre-pay services.

Exact figures and the report can be found here.


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