EA Sports season ticket holders can download FIFA 12 early

Want to play FIFA 12 tomorrow? You can, if you're an Xbox season ticket holder
Matthew Turner

September 23, 2011

Those of you who decided to purchase an EA season ticket will be able to download the new FIFA game from tomorrow.

Although FIFA 12 isn’t officially out in the UK until September 30th, next Friday, Xbox gamers who have subscribed to the ticket get an early pass to EA’s sports games (it seems that PS3 owners are out of luck).

The ticket will cost you around £17, in other words 2100 Microsoft points if you have them, and you will have to buy the game for full price also.

Owners of a season ticket will also be given an exclusive look at the EA Sports Football Club Challenge – i.e. the chance to change real life events.

In the first challenge, users are asked to take control of the Chelsea side that lost to Man Utd 3-1 at Old Trafford last weekend.

You will also be given 20% off any DLC for a number of EA Sports video games, as well as free web content such as the Creation Centre packs.

Peter Moore, president of EA Sports, said: “EA Sports Season Ticket is an exciting program for our core fans – it lets our biggest fans play earlier, play more and play better than anyone else.”

The game will go live at around 6pm Central European Time (around 5pm GMT for people in the UK).


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  1. TJHUCKER says:

    What a rip off….EA you may aswel ask for are bank account number and sort code…

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