Promoted tweets and trends hit the UK

Sky set to use the service to promote the new season of Glee
Kerry Butters

September 23, 2011

Twitter has announced the launch of its suite of advertising products in the UK, a year after the US release.

The services are intended to help businesses reach their target audience with “geographically relevant content” and include promoted tweets, promoted trends, offers and other information.

The social media company will be working with Sky who will initially be using the service to promote the latest season of the US TV programme Glee.

Promoted tweets can be targeted or they can appear in search results and are intended to allow companies to reach people who are not currently following them.

They work much like pay-per-click in that firms only pay for them when they are re-tweeted, replied to, or added to a user’s favourites.

Trends work slightly differently in that they are displayed next to a user’s timeline to the right of the page.

This means that trends get, we quote: “massive exposure and [are] ideally placed to kickstart or amplify a conversation on Twitter or beyond.”

Twitter says it’s also working with “a select set of launch partners this autumn, including BT, Electronic Arts, Eurostar and Paramount Pictures UK.”

The UK Twitter team will be working with these firms in order to reach a wide audience for them to advertise their products, provide special offers or useful information.

They also expect a wider range of big-brand names to get on board and say that now the UK team is officially set up, they can provide local support for those who “appreciate the simplicity of using Twitter to engage directly with users.”

In the meantime, expect to see the first of Sky’s ‘Gleets’ concerning the show, which it is hoped will provide a buzz and much conversation about the upcoming new series (although some of that conversation will likely be simply telling them to ‘glod’ off - ed).

If this is something that interests you, then look out for promoted Tweets or check them out at @gleeonsky.


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