HTC Runnymede leaked, will be called Sensation XL in UK?

Another handset with Beats Audio technology and bundled headphones

September 26, 2011

HTC has, as we’ve noted many times in the past, come up with some rubbish names for its various phones.

And the HTC Runnymede is another unconvincing and somewhat incongruous name for a piece of high technology, although it seems that the handset might be called the Sensation XL in the UK, according to Pocketnow.

Let’s hope so, and regular readers will likely remember that HTC already has a Sensation XE phone ready for launch.

Like the XE, the XL will have a focus on audio, coming complete with Beats Audio technology and bundled Beats by Dr Dre headphones. At least HTC is trying some different – and also useful – here.

Other specs include an expansive 4.7 inch WVGA display, which you can see in action on this short video which has been leaked to YouTube.

It shows the exterior of the phone and a quick look at the interface. More observant readers may notice the carrier name displayed is Vodafone, so we’d assume it’s coming to Voda, perhaps as an exclusive? We shall see.

As with the Sensation XE, it sports a very nippy 1.5GHz processor. The handset comes with twin cameras as is becoming standard on high-end phones, one for video chats, and an 8 megapixel full-fat camera on the rear.

The HTC Runnymede or Sensation XL, whatever it turns out to be christened, will probably hit around the same price as the XE, £500 or so sim-free.

The XE is expected early next month, with this device probably following in fairly short order.


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