Next week’s iPhone launch to be more low-key?

Tim Cook takes to the stage, but not at the traditional San Francisco venue
Darren Allan
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Time for this week’s rumour about the iPhone 5 (or indeed 4S) launch – don’t worry, there shouldn’t be many more given that next week is the slated launch date.

As we reported last week, the next-gen iPhone is due to be unveiled on October 4th, a week tomorrow.

That was according to the sources of All Things Digital, and now news from (presumably those same) connected insiders has emerged regarding the launch venue.

Apparently it’s going to take place at the Cupertino campus itself, where the presentation theatre is considerably smaller than the traditional San Francisco venue for big Apple launches, the Hanna Barbera Centre for the Arts. Sorry, Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts.

It seems an odd choice to make for the first time new CEO Tim Cook takes to the stage to make a major presentation.

It’s going to be difficult enough following in Steve Jobs’s large and charismatic footprints without having to do so in front of a smaller crowd with less volume when it comes to the obligatory cheering and whooping.

Although there is a certain amount of speculation that the Yerba Buena may have already been booked. But we’d have thought Apple might have been able to pick another day, that being the case.

Anyway, the big event is nearly here, and Mr Cook’s first proper test of CEO-manship will be keenly watched by many.

Whether he’ll reveal an iPhone 5, or iPhone 4S, or indeed both with the latter priced as a more budget friendly attack on Android handsets, we’ve not got long to wait to find out.

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