Plastic Logic 100 eReader made for classrooms

Unfortunately it doesn't come with any wireless connectivity
Leanne Yip

September 27, 2011

Plastic Logic has announced that they will be launching a new eReader. They have seen that the eReader market is exceptionally crowded, therefore have tried to target students. This device uses plastic-based epaper technology as originally intended for the cancelled QUE eReader.

Their new eReader is named the Plastic logic 100 which has a huge 10.7-inch 1280×960 resolution display that’s even bigger than the Kindle DX 9.7-inch’s one. The best thing about the screen is not only the size, but the fact that it’s a capacitive touchscreen.

It’s also only 7.65mm thick, and weighs 475g so would be quite comfortable in the hand. Having such a large screen means the battery life has suffered, as it can only last about a week.

Inside the Plastic Logic 100 there is an 800 MHz processor and 4GB of internal storage. In addition it uses the operating system Windows CE. Lacking any wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi or 3G) is a huge negative as all the current eReaders in the market at least come with Wi-Fi.

Due to this being a classroom device it has 40 pre-loaded textbooks and will be able to annotate and underline text. I would guess there will be an onscreen touch keyboard. The Plastic Logic 100 has a very simplistic charcoal black finish, with a large border around the screen.

In conclusion the Plastic Logic 100 seems like a very impressive device, until you find out there are no wireless capabilities. Moreover the device is said to be sold for about $400 (about £260) which is way over priced for any eReader.


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  1. Peter Spokes says:

    This sounds like a flop before it has even started. You can get a Kindle for $139 so why would you pay $400 for this?

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