Spotify now requires Facebook account to sign up

New users get listening limit lifted for six months, but must have Facebook account to sign up
Adam Smith

September 27, 2011
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As those of you following the recent developments on Facebook will know, the social network is now making an effort to reposition itself as something of a media hub, offering integrated third-party music services.

One of which is Spotify, a company currently making big strides to try and monetise its operation, opening up in the US earlier this year.

As a result of its collaboration with Facebook, Spotify is changing, and it has proudly announced on its blog that freebie Spotify users will now benefit from a six month waiver of the listening time limit.

Instead of the normal 10 hour time limit per month, and five play limit on individual tracks, new Spotify free users will be allowed unlimited access.

Existing users who have been with the service for less than six months will also get the benefit of this, up until the six month birthday of their account.

Which is certainly good news for newcomers, although some have complained that the five song limit is still in force despite the time limit being lifted.

Also, there’s some other news which Spotify hasn’t made quite such a song and dance about. Those new members signing up for Spotify will now have to enter the details of their Facebook account.

That being a compulsory measure – so no Facebook account, no Spotify. You’ll have to create your own social networking profile if you want to sign up to the streaming music service.

And that hasn’t gone down at all well. Existing users aren’t required to link their Spotify account up to a Facebook profile, however, that still remains an optional move.

On the Spotify blog, one unhappy user commented: “Too bad Facebook still doesn’t have a ‘dislike’ button – I’d be clicking it now. Definitely cancelling my premium membership on this news. Providing it as an option is one thing, forcing another service on users is another. Sorry, wrong choice.”

Many folks aren’t keen on having the music they’re listening to broadcast on Facebook, either, or indeed seeing the names of the songs others are blasting out on a minute-by-minute basis.

Of course, it is possible to switch off these things, but not immediately clear to many folks that this is the case, or how to do so.

If you want to make sure Spotify isn’t sharing what you’re listening to on the social network, you’ll need to visit the streaming service’s preferences, and untick the box which says to get personal recommendations by sending music to Facebook’s Open Graph.

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  1. Peter Spokes says:

    This is such a poor move by Spotify. Facebook must be subbing them for the loss of customers, and possibly Facebook will eventually buy them out.

    I switched a while back from paying for Spotify to paying for Grooveshark.

    Glad I did now.

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