EC launches investigation into Euro broadband speeds

Is teaming up with measurement firm SamKnows to try and build up a Euro broadband picture

September 28, 2011

The European Commission is launching an investigation into broadband speeds across Europe.

It aims to give an independent analysis of data collected in order to give a proper idea of which countries have the fastest, and indeed slowest, connections across Europe.

With the UK seeing continued delays to the 4G roll out it is likely we will end up in the latter category at this rate.

Information will apparently be open to ISPs , regulators and all consumers once it is collated in partnership with measurement firm SamKnows.

The project will involve enlisting the help of 10,000 volunteers who will be sent a small device to plug into their home internet.

SamKnows has already conducted a similar project with Ofcom, and it was found that broadband performance was less than half of that advertised. Hopefully the EC project will put an end to such scallywag behaviour amongst operators.

Or at least it will give members of the public an idea of which providers are closer to achieving their advertised connection speeds, and which are way off with bogged down networks.

Alex Salter, chief executive of SamKnows, said the test would be on a much bigger scale than the UK project. According to a BBC report, he said: “We are working towards a standard for measuring internet performance and a public dataset that everyone can access.”

“This is vital for everything from major government investment initiatives through to helping consumers choose which broadband provider and package.”

When the coalition government came to power, it announced that come 2015 the UK would be top broadband dog in Europe. We aren’t holding our breath.


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