Third of drivers risk death by texting at the wheel

Texting while driving makes you 23 times more likely to have an accident

September 28, 2011

Almost a third of drivers are putting their lives at risk by texting whilst driving, according to a study.

While studies have shown that incidents of death due to distracted driving have increased in the US, Direct Line are concerned that the boom in mobile data means that more people are driving whilst peering at their phone.

A study by the firm showed that with a nation addicted to smartphones – according to a recent Ofcom report anyway – users are barely able to wrench themselves from their handsets wherever they are.

Apparently texting while driving makes drivers 23 times more likely to end up in some form of metal carnage. Direct Line reckon, not surprisingly, that surfing the web or using the phone is also likely to cause crashes.

30 percent of respondents admitted that they would text when behind the wheel, though we would have thought that in actuality this may be even higher if people were truthful. Furthermore 8 percent admitted to texting while driving numerous times a week.

Brake campaigns director Julie Townsend said: “People who text, use the web or social networking when driving are taking enormous risks with their own and other people’s lives. This kind of irresponsible behaviour is illegal and it kills, so there should be no excuses.”

“We are concerned that the increasing uptake of this technology could lead to more crashes and casualties caused by distracted drivers, as is happening in the US.”

“It is vital that the government acts now to prevent an upsurge in distracted driving and it’s vital that drivers listen to these warnings and make a pledge to never use their phone when driving.”


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