iPod Classic to be culled?

Is the Classic to be cut, and the Shuffle to be given the shove?

September 29, 2011
iPod Classic

The latest Apple rumour isn’t – gasp, horror – about the iPhone 5 due to be launched next week. It actually revolves around the iPod, that venerable music player which Apple launched a decade ago.

And the speculation is that Apple is about to can the iPod Classic model, that original piece of hardware which doesn’t have a touchscreen.

It also sticks out as different because the Classic uses a traditional hard drive rather than flash memory as the rest of the range now employs.

Hence the thinking is Apple is looking to streamline the range, although there are certainly those who would miss the iPod Classic.

Those who don’t want all the extra bits and pieces, who just want a device solely focused on music playing, and one with a roomy 160GB of space for that large music collection.

The rumour, which has been picked up from a source who spoke to TUAW, also indicates that the iPod Shuffle may get the boot. This would leave the entire range as a uniform touchscreen series of devices, and of course flash-based too.

In its last earnings call, Apple noted a product transition might be due, and the theory is that the transition in question would be this shift within the iPod line. That certainly makes sense.

As Apple is also moving towards the cloud model of having the user’s entire music collection stored on its servers and accessed via a net connection, it would also make sense that the capacious hard drive of the Classic won’t be missed. Not by Apple, anyway.

The iPod isn’t the critical range it once was for Apple, at any rate. Less than 10% of the company’s revenue comes from the musical devices, with the focus now on the iPhone and iPad.


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