Apple iPhone 4S packaging appears online?

Image shows the 4S is coming in white, but looks suspiciously photo-shopped
Darren Allan
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A leaked snap has appeared on the net which seems to show the packaging of the upcoming iPhone, which Apple will finally unveil next week.

It was posted courtesy of the Cult of Mac, and was sent by an unknown tipster. You can take a look for yourself here.

As you can see, it shows what appears to be the back of the packaging of an iPhone 4S 16GB model in white.

If it’s a genuine pic, then this confirms Apple will have an iPhone 4S out, and it’ll come in white from the very launch this time (instead of nearly a year later with the iPhone 4).

However, the fact that this isn’t a trusted source, but just an anonymous tipster, and it’s a very easy picture to have photo-shopped an “S” onto, leads us to believe this is probably just stirring as we move into the final few days before the iPhone’s reveal.

If it’s genuine, it confirms what many think – that Apple is set to launch a budget 4S version of the iPhone alongside an iPhone 5.

The 4S will have slight upgrades, the iPhone 5 will benefit from a new body design, slimmer and with sloped edges, and presumably chunkier upgrades. So the rumours up to now indicate, and this makes sense to us – the redesigned contours clearly highlighting who has the real premium deal at a glance (sadly likely to be an important point with some).

Although could it even be possible that there will only be an iPhone 4S launched? Well, yes, it’s possible, but not likely we don’t think. Does this image add any combustibles to that particular fire? Not really, we’re calling fake.

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