I Am Alive is still alive, readying for PSN/XBLA release

Ubisoft's post-apocalyptic survival game promises to be a more thoughtful than usual affair
Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

Ubisoft has made an announcement regarding the launch of its post-apocalyptic action/adventure entitled I Am Alive.

If you’d forgotten about this one, we wouldn’t blame you. It was first announced back in the summer of 2008, when it was promised for a spring 2009 launch.

Then it promptly disappeared and was never heard of again – until now, and the good news is that Ubisoft has confirmed it’s about to launch.

Not as a boxed copy, mind, but as a digital download on PSN and XBLA – possibly as a more compact game, we’re guessing. At any rate, it will finally see the light of day this winter.

The story is that the “event” takes place – not related to a cancelled Channel 4 sci-fi series, we’re sure – and after that disaster, the player finds himself in his home town which has been all but destroyed.

Toxic ash pollutes the air, society has been torn apart, and survivors scavenge and scrat about in the rubble trying to live. You’ve got to find your wife and daughter, a fairly hopeless sounding task.

The idea is that the players of I Am Alive will face some tough and thought-provoking decisions, with challenges coming from not just enemies but the environment.

Resource management will apparently be key when confronted by some of the deadlier side effects of the event which blight the land, and a unique combat system is promised. This sounds pretty novel and relies as much on intimidation as anything else – so you’ll be able to use even an empty gun to bluff and persuade a coward to do your bidding.

Adam Novickas, Director of Marketing at Ubisoft, commented: “We know people have been waiting for this game to arrive, and we believe it’s going to be worth the wait.”

“I Am Alive presents a unique take on the post-apocalyptic, survival genre by creating more complex and emotional situations for the player.”

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