Free Portal 2 DLC out tomorrow

Peer Review pack is priceless, in as much as it doesn't have a price

October 3, 2011
Portal 2

Never mind the iPhone launch, Portal fans have something much more important to look out for tomorrow.

For October 4th is the date on which Valve is to bring out the first downloadable content for the smash hit 3D puzzler Portal 2. And the best bit is, the DLC in question is free, our kind of price.

So what does it consist of? The Peer Review DLC pack comes with some new puzzles to solve and a co-op challenge mode, along with online leaderboards to see how you fare against the rest of the community.

When you compare that decent wedge of completely free content to some other developers who charge money for DLC which is just, say, a couple of character costumes and new weapons, it looks pretty generous of Valve.

The only thing Peer Review will cost is a little time and bandwidth to download.

Valve has recently been in a generous mood, as a couple of weeks back, it gave away the original Portal on Steam as a free download – for the few people that still didn’t own it.

Look out for Peer Review tomorrow when the DLC pack will be available on PC, PS3 and Xbox platforms.


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