Samsung Galaxy Note to hit UK on November 17th

Samsung sings out the release date for its new mini-tablet-smartphone hybrid
Darren Allan

October 3, 2011
Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung has revealed the official UK release date for its Note mini-tablet-smartphone hybrid device.

And that date is November 17th.

The Note is designed to bridge the gap between tablets and smartphones – either that, or fall through it, much as the 5 inch Dell Streak did.

Samsung’s similar effort comes with a 5.3 inch AMOLED touchscreen, a 1.4GHz processor, and twin cameras, one of them an 8 megapixel affair. It’ll run Gingerbread Android 2.3, but will no doubt keenly benefit from Ice Cream Sandwich when it emerges later this year (although when Samsung preps it for the Note is another matter).

It does boast an impressive spec and more in the way of interesting features than the Streak, the key selling point being the bundled stylus which gives the device its name – as it’s designed for scribbling notes on the display. A neat touch.

Samsung hasn’t yet announced the pricing of the Note, but it will obviously be a key aspect. The tablet market has certainly had a wake up call last week with Amazon’s new slate, the Kindle Fire, being priced at $199.

Technically, the Note isn’t a tablet, but to all intents and purposes, we’d say it is more of a mini-tablet at 5.3 inches, albeit one which offers smartphone functionality.

Worryingly, online retailer Clove seems to think the Note will weigh in at around £600, with Samsung perhaps feeling it offers the best of both worlds.

This price could turn out to be wrong – it’s a guess and a placeholder – and we certainly hope that’s the case. If not, we’d guess that tag will leave a lot of people “note” buying it despite the impressive spec and nifty stylus features.

At least Apple can’t complain Samsung nicked the stylus idea from the iPad. Although maybe Nintendo will sue, instead, for copying the 3DS, who knows these days.


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