Apple iPhone 4S officially unveiled

No iPhone 5, just an incremental upgrade of processor and camera, along with that pesky antenna
Darren Allan

October 4, 2011
iPhone 4S

The big event has finally just come and gone, beginning an hour and a half ago at the Apple campus over in Cupertino.

And all the speculation about two models of iPhone was proved spectacularly wrong, as Apple launched just the one: The iPhone 4S.

Yes, disappointingly the iPhone 5 will be next year, with the 4S only being an incremental upgrade over the existing iPhone 4.

The rumours were correct about what was going to be different about the iPhone 4S, however.

Namely, a faster processor as already seen in the iPad 2, a splodge of extra Ram, and an upgraded camera.

The new camera is considerably improved, ramped up to an 8 megapixel affair, and also snappier in terms of operation. It now does full HD when it comes to video recording, that’s 1080p.

And as expected, Apple has done something about the iPhone 4’s reception. Well, the company had to, really. There are now two antennas aboard the 4S which can be switched between. There’s a chunkier battery too, for longer life as well as more consistent calls.

Apple also announced that voice control has been brought to the 4S in the form of Siri. This basically lets you speak to your phone and ask what the weather is going to be like before you leave the house, along with cleverer stuff too.

Such as asking Siri to remind you to call someone when you leave work, which it then does using the time and your location. It sounds pretty neat, and although the iPhone isn’t the only smartphone to do voice technology, it’s certainly a useful addition.

However, it would seem this might be exclusive to the 4S, which could leave iPhone 4 users a bit cheesed off in not being kept up to speed.

Of course, the iPhone 4S will also have iOS 5 on board, which Apple announced would be out on October 12th, with the iPhone 4S itself due out on October 14th. That’s in the US, the release date over here isn’t confirmed, but should be very shortly – along with the UK price. More on that when we hear it.


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