BT broadband outage hits 275,000 customers

Business and residential customers from London to Yorkshire affected
Darren Allan
Darren Allan -


Yesterday BT had to deal with a serious fault on its network which put the best part of 300,000 customers offline for some time.

A power failure at an exchange in Birmingham reportedly triggered the outage which put both residential and business customers offline.

The majority of the 275,000 affected were apparently back online within an hour or so, according to BT, as its engineers reacted swiftly to the problem.

However, some business customers were left without an internet connection for a longer period of time, and obviously it’s business customers whose time online is critical in a financial sense.

Whether BT will be liable to face claims for compensation is unknown, but the telecoms giant says it had everyone back online by the close of the afternoon.

It advised those who still appeared to be unable to connect to turn their modem or router on and off again, in tried and trusted tech troubleshooting fashion.

The outage apparently hit customers as far south as London, and as far north as Yorkshire.

Around this time last year, BT had a major fault in Edinburgh which caused a similarly large but even more serious outage that lasted for days on end for some customers, including ourselves.

When BT had officially announced the fault resolved, some were still offline, so let’s hope that isn’t the case today for those who were hit by this latest gremlin in the works.

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