Linux websites now coming back online

But developers cautioned to beware of malware threats
Kerry Butters

October 4, 2011

Linux sites are slowly going back online after they were taken down following a security breach which initially occurred in August.

However, the Linux Foundation is warning developers to check thoroughly for malware, as it is thought that at least some of them have been compromised.

The open source foundation says that it is now “imperative that nobody falls victim to the belief that it cannot happen to them”, as they look to fully secure their infrastructure.

The simplest way for devs to do this would be to just give their system a clean install. However, there are also a number of recommended steps outlined here.

Whilst the main site is now back online, many of the files are yet to be uploaded and some services are still not available. This is expected to be fixed in the next few weeks. has also been brought back online, although “git trees have been removed […] and will be added back as the relevant developers regain access to the system”.

The entire infrastructure has also been redesigned in order to make improvements for developers and users alike.

However, remains unavailable, with the holding page still stating that it is down for maintenance.

In the attack carried out in August, root access was gained into the system which allowed the attackers “full run of the system”.

The hackers were also able to infect servers with malware, which is thought to have now found its way into developer machines.

The Linux Foundation have issued an update thanking “all for your patience and understanding during our outage”.

They also confirm that they will bring all of the different systems back online within the next few weeks, as well as “writing up a report on the incident in the future.”

A new open source project called Tizen has also been announced which will be hosted at the Linux Foundation.

The project is “designed to address the future of HTML5-based applications across a variety of device types.”

Tizen is a “mobile and device operating system based on Linux and other popular upstream projects.”

It is expected to be released in its initial incarnation in the first quarter of 2012.

“We think the project has a lot of potential, both for its technology and the major players it has involved in it,” the Linux Foundation said.


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