Samsung confirms Nexus Prime delay due to death of Jobs

Firm postponed this week's launch as a mark of respect
Darren Allan

October 10, 2011
Samsung Logo

Samsung has confirmed that the delay of the launch of the Nexus Prime handset, Google’s latest baby which will come with Android Ice Cream Sandwich on board, is indeed due to the passing of Steve Jobs last week.

We speculated that this might be the case last week, with Samsung suddenly announcing that the launch – which was scheduled for tomorrow – had been postponed.

Samsung said it was a mark of respect to the ex-CEO and leading light of Apple.

The firm told Reuters: “We decided it was not the right time to announce a new product while the world was expressing tribute to Steve Jobs’s passing.”

Or indeed, there was too much attention on Steve Job’s passing and funeral that it might take some of the thunder out of the launch of the Nexus Prime.

There’s not exactly much love lost between Apple and Samsung lately, as even though Samsung makes chips for the iPad and iPhone, it also makes its own rival products such as the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab.

And lately these devices have come under masses of legislative fire from Apple on patent grounds, with Samsung firing back with its own infringement lawsuits against the Cupertino company.

The fight is getting pretty bitter, with Apple successfully achieving blocks in Europe, and Samsung preparing a case against the iPhone 4S even before it was launched.

Now the rumour is Apple is set to move its chip production away from Samsung and start to shift contracts over to rival chip manufacturers. Which won’t likely help the bad blood between the two companies.


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