BlackBerry services down for second day running

Turns out all isn't well with BB services, as Iraq, South Africa and now Europe experience further outages
Adam Smith

October 11, 2011
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As BlackBerry users will be well aware, BB services – messaging, email, browsing – all went offline yesterday, reportedly thanks to a fault in a Slough data centre.

We reported that this issue – which plagued customers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa – was fixed this morning, but it seems that whatever Rim has done hasn’t been enough.

First of all, after our report this morning we had word from a reader in Iraq and then several folks in South Africa that BlackBerry services were still down for them.

Reader Ch25 told us: “BB Service is still down in South Africa, this is becoming very inconvenient!”

And now it seems the fault has spread further and once again is affecting Europe, too, with some users unable to access BB services.

Rim hasn’t been keeping customers up to date with the current situation on its Twitter account, which has been – and still is – causing some serious frustration to be vented by customers.

Rim was slow to acknowledge the fault yesterday, and only at tea time did the firm tweet: “We apologize to any of our customers in Europe, Middle East & Africa still experiencing issues. We’ll bring you an update as soon as we can.”

That was the last tweet made, and there has been no news regarding the resurgence of problems today. If Rim doesn’t make some sort of announcement soon, they really aren’t going to be helping themselves when it comes to their battle to regain slipping smartphone market share.

Many Twitter users are re-tweeting this particular gag which just about sums the situation up: “What did one Blackberry user say to the other Blackberry user? Nothing.”

Rim cut 2,000 jobs, around 10% of its workforce, back in July – but perhaps it now needs to employ a few more people on both the technical and customer service front.


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  1. A, C says:

    If you do not have the recipients address in your contacts, on your mobile device, you will be prohibited from sending TXY / E-mail. et c. If you recive a TXT you can not silmply press reply. This security feature is by far the best advance against spam, scam and harm. This is being rolled out all networks and all devices. So save your friends. If you wish to reply to an unsaved contact you must type in their number.

  2. Richy den Toom says:

    This morning I had BIS service in The Netherlands just fine. However some 6 hours ago the whole trouble started all over again. Yesterday no service, today no service. What’s up with RIM, they really are not helping their own cause.

  3. LLee says:

    Seems the service is down again in the UK. I was receiving all my emails this morning, then from midday there’s being nothing at all. Checked online and have received several emails but nothing is coming through on my blackberry

  4. LBrannigan says:

    Blackberry down for day 3 here in South Africa. Cell phone upgrade now due so may be safer to look at iPhones???……

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