Orange and T-Mobile begin 3G sharing roll out

Everything Everywhere customers will soon be able to surf on either Orange or T-Mobile's 3G network
Darren Allan

October 11, 2011

When Everything Everywhere was formed, it didn’t take long for the two partners, Orange and T-Mobile, to announce that they were going to let their respective customers benefit from each other’s networks.

The “big switch-on” as it was called began last October, allowing customers of either firm to roam onto the other’s network should they be able to get a better signal to make calls or send texts there.

Now the network sharing is being extended to include 3G. In other words, when out and about surfing, you’ll be able to switch network for a better mobile broadband connection to whichever operator has the superior 3G signal wherever you find yourself.

The second phase of the big network switch being flipped starts next week and will gradually roll out across the country on a region by region basis. By the end of the year, most areas should be live.

Switching networks won’t have any effect on your mobile bill, and apparently around 41 million hours of calls and five billion texts have been sent by customers on the alternative brand’s network since last October.

Olaf Swantee, CEO of Everything Everywhere, said: “Customers are always on the move and demanding instant access to information wherever they are. Not only will customers be able to talk in places they weren’t able to before, they’ll also now be able to access the internet, social networks or download emails at improved speeds, in more places.”

Everything Everywhere is also promising additional improvements to its 2G network to further increase its coverage.


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